Sobranie cigarettes-luxury cigarette brand

It has become in style among smokers because of its fine quality components and a exceptional way of preparing the tobacco. The cigarettes manufactured by this company are of the greatest quality is recognized by the smokers all over the world. Its exclusive taste and special aroma make it highly recognized in the tobacco markets today. Gallaher Group distributes their cigarettes to United Kingdom and Europe, some parts of Central Asia, Africa and the Middle East. It was first established in London in 1879.
Sobranie cigarettes were first of all produced in Ukraine and since 2005 in Russia. These cigarettes are the most expensive Russian cigarettes that have a leading place on the tobacco market.
Today, it still produced at Old Bond Street in London. Sobraine can be balanced to Dunhill cigarettes because it is considered to be one of the most expensive cigarette brands particularly in Russia.
Sobraine cigarettes are mostly produced for ladies with its slim features and bright colors which attracted many women to this particular brand. For evening-out tastes, you can select from Sobranie Cocktail and Sobranie Black Russian, which are produced in Ukraine. Sobraine Cocktail cigarettes have five divide pastel shades with a gold foil filter. It has the same ring gauge as standard cigarette but the look of the cigarettes is what creates this brand so unique. Sobraine Black Russian cigarettes are black with a gold foil filter. Other variants of Sobraine cigarettes are Sobranie Classic Cigarettes, Sobranie Classic Lights, Sobranie Black Russian, Sobranie White Russian, Sobranie Cocktail Cigarettes, Sobranie Blues Cigarettes, Sobranie Mints Cigarettes, Sobranie Pinks Cigarettes and Sobranie Whites Cigarettes. These fashion trademarks of cigarettes are packed in an elegant and eminent manner with its stylish design. The cigarette pack is decorated by graphics with a single glossy color and a delicate image. With its pleasant calligraphy, smokers will surely be attracted. Its length, slimness and color, makes the cigarette different from other brands. The exclusivity of Sobraine cigarettes is what is very appealing not only to the women who smoke them but also to the men who notice them.

Sobranie cigarettes are a woman-oriented smoking brand. It has an exclusive taste and premium quality tobacco. It is a real women's thing.
Ladies love this cigarette mainly because they believe it can increase their sexual appeal, making them more popular to the men they wish to attract. Some men smokers find it amazing themselves, as it can add romanticism in their modern spirit of life and also adds a bit of mystery to their being, making them ever more attractive in the eyes of a woman.
Now, the producers have elaborated a large variety of Sobranie cigarettes that are different in color and, of course, in taste. Every lady can choose her favorite Sobranie cigarette and the color of cig’ pack to complete her style. This is an exclusive tobacco product that combines pleasure and beauty.

It’s important that Gallaher’s cigarettes contain additional ingredients that make the taste special, as Sobranie cigarettes are. The flavor composition of Gallaher tobacco products is a company “secret”. So, if you are looking for cigarettes that are produced especially for ladies, are slim, have the best tobacco and exclusive taste, Sobranie cigarettes are what you are looking for.
These slimmest cigarettes can be bought at the lowest price in the following variety: Sobranie Slims Pinks, Sobranie Slims Mints, Sobranie Slims Blues and Sobranie Slims Whites - every lady can choose her own taste and color.

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This is amongst one of the famous brands and most expensive Russian cigarettes. It has premium quality tobacco and an exclusive taste. It is a real brand for a real harcore.

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