Sobranie Cigarettes brands

The Sobranie Cigarettes brands are produced in various places in Europe by the Gallaher Group. Premium varieties include the evening-out styles Sobranie Cigarettes Cocktail and Sobranie Cigarettes Black Russian, which are produced in Ukraine and as of 2005 in Russia itself. Sobranie Cigarettes produces several styles geared specifically for ladies, slimmer than standard cigarettes and brightly colored. The Cocktails are five separate pastel shades with a gold foil filter, and the Black Russians are black with a gold foil filter, both emblazoned with the Russian imperial eagle and using blends suited to Russian tastes. Sobranie Cigarettes is considered to be one of the most expensive cigarette brands in Russia. It is considered to be a brand very similar to Dunhill cigarettes.
Sobranie Cigarettes - Sobranie Black & Gold /S-10-B/ (brown) - England

Sobranie Cigarettes - Sobranie Black & Gold /S-20-B/ (black) - England

Sobranie Cigarettes - Sobranie Fine Virginia / KS-20-H / - England

Sobranie Cigarettes - Sobranie Imperial Russian / SL-10-B / - England

Sobranie Cigarettes - Sobranie Virginia metal S-20-B - England

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